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Brady Bunch Logo(1995)


The pictures of WRKL's recent tower construction have been reposted on their own page. Some new photos have been added, and the page is presented as a slide show, with easier to read captions. The page will take a minute or two to load. If you see captions printed on the pictures, you need to REFRESH your browser. Click the KEEP IT ON THE R Logo above to link to the new TOWER PICTURES page.
The WRKL Trailers(1964)
Click here to see the R from the air--an aerial photo of the WRKL towers from 1000 feet over the swamp

Inside the building

WRKL founder Al Spiro

More inside stuff

This group of pictures was taken in 1999, a couple of months before WRKL was sold to Polnet

Old photos of staffers!

And we're looking for more. But you gotta start somewhere, so why not HERE?

The 1996 Rockland Business Trade Show

WRKL Live on Location at Rockland Community College, with the Phil Stern Show.

The End Was Near

Here's a look at a few of the remaining staffers as of January 1999, just 2 months before the sale.

Life After WRKL

A few shots from the Y2K reunion

The Scott Salotto Collection

A former staffer shares some photos

Rich Komonchak turns 50!

In honor of his 50th birthday, Rich Komonchak's wife Christine had a caricature done


When NABET (the National Association of Broadcast Employees & Technicians) struck WRKL for an initial contract, here's how the story was covered in the June 1985 NABET News.

The BC1E Gets A New Home (and the link to it now works!)

In the Spring of 2001, WRKL's old Gates BC1E transmitter had to go, in order to make room for the new nighttime equipment. This transmitter had been WRKL's full power standby transmitter for over 25 years, but was taken out of service in 1995, when a new main transmitter was installed. A local amateur radio operator offered to give the old 'E' a new home. See pictures of the move at his web page. Unfortunately, the site says that the BC1E was stolen in 2007, as impossible as that sounds. Read all about it.

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