Audio clips from June 3, 2019, Steve Possell's 50th Anniversary in Radio

Steve started part-time at WRKL on June 3, 1969.
It was the summer of Woodstock, and of man's first steps on the Moon.
Steve had cut his teeth in radio at his college station. When opportunity knocked, Steve answered, and that summer, he worked the sign-off shift at WRKL.
Monday through Friday from 5 until 8:30 PM, and on Saturday from 6 until 8:30.
He was a fan of WRKL's own Bob Fitzsimmons, who left the station in 1968, and Steve patterned his program after Bob's.

On June 3, 2019, Steve's co-host on the WRCR Morning Show, Jeff Lewis, paid tribute to Steve's 50 years on Rockland's radio airwaves.
The listening community called in their congratulations LIVE, and Jeff played some recorded messages as well.
Just as Bob Fitzsimmons had had a major influence on Steve's radio style, Steve has influenced many young broadcasters who passed through WRKL, and later, WRCR over the years.
On August 13, 2021, Steve retired from WRCR, capping a career spanning over 52 years.
Here are a few voices from Steve's past and present, including his family, as heard on WRCR radio on June 3, 2019.

Andrew Schmertz
Bill Collignon
Dave Barbanell
Dave Neuser
Eddie Wilson
Ethan Dreilinger
Liz Possell
Luke VanPelt
Tricia Possell
George Bodarky
Jeff Baker
Jill Hecker
Marge Nolan
Meredyth Glover
Neil Mazur
Rich Komonchak
Scott Salotto
Sophia Salas

Thanks to Jeff Lewis at WRCR for providing the website with these clips.

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