WRKL went off the air on September 10, 2021 but returned on March 1, 2022. Temporarily authorized to operate with 200 watts, they are transmitting into one of the still-standing towers. These pictures are of the WRKL building, which was emptied of all contents in late 2021 by the property's new owner, Trophy LLC, of Spring Valley. They bought the property, but not the radio station license.

It looks like a radio station in this November 20, 2021 picture.
A fresh coat of paint!

But looking closer, the building has been gutted. (seen on 11/20/21)
No studios, no wiring , no lights (on the towers either) and no sign of a transmitter or any other broadcasting equipment.
Where'd everything go?

Here's a look in a side window. The transmitter used to be straight ahead of you, through a couple of walls, both of which are now gone.
(10/29/21 photo)
The Invisible Transmitter!

And there are a couple of violation notices from the Town of Ramapo on the front window.
The Colors of Autumn in New York
(photo from 11/5/21)

As of February 2022, the Route 202 driveway entrance has been gated and padlocked, making it hard for our photographer to get any more pictures.

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